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In general

Why should I ship with intertrex?

intertrex is your preferred courier partner for really important shipments that have to be delivered at a certain time. We’ve been specialised in time-critical and urgent shipments since 2005. We excel in providing you with the most comprehensive service in the logistics sector. There’s no better way to ship more comfortably, faster and safer; within Germany and world-wide.

What can and can’t I ship?

We pick up and deliver your shipments using courier vans, so shipping letters, parcels or fair displays is no problem at all. Still, whatever the size or weight of your shipment, it mustn’t be too heavy or big for one person to lift. In case you wanted to ship real freight, you should contact a freight forwarding agency. We don’t do same-day pickups and deliveries within cities.

Who may ship with intertrex?

Our entire service portfolio is available to any business based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Any private person is welcome to appreciate our comprehensive services as long as shipments are dropped off at our headquarter in Berlin-Mitte and paid for in cash.
Please note that your first order has to be sent via email or fax, so we are able to identfy the shippers contact.

How do I get an intertrex customer account number?

This is no problem at all. All you need to do to open a customer account with intertrex is to call us or write an email with the details of your shipment. We will check your enquiry promptly and get in touch with you. You will then receive your shipper account number. Using that number you can from then on order pickups or deliveries with intertrex either via our online order forms, or by giving us a call or writing an email.

Can I order short notice?

We mainly operate in Berlin-Mitte. On weekdays (9 a.m. to 7 p.m.), you may request a pickup within an hour. Pickups outside Berlin-Mitte and in other cities can generally be ordered for the next working day. Please enquire about the possibility of same-day pickups.

What does active tracking of shipments mean?

intertrex offers a comprehensive range of services in logistics. You can entrust us with your most important documents and goods. Our logistics experts keep an eye on your shipment at all times from the moment of pickup to its delivery. We’ll send you a receipt of delivery and inform you about any delays promptly.

How are our prices calculated?

Shipments are generally transported as grouped shipment within Germany as well as internationally via courier vans, trucks or cargo planes.

The price calculation of your shipment is based on its gross and its volume weight. Whatever weight exceeds the other will be used to invoice you for your shipment. Prior to export, all shipments are measured and weighed at our depot.

Particularly heavy or bulky shipments (exceeding a gross or volume weight of 300kg) might have to be shipped individually / transported via direct delivery. Being directly delivered, your shipment will be picked up at the address you provided us with and then immediately taken to the addressee by road. This way, the size and weight of your shipment is only limited by the maximum load capacity of the courier van or truck. You will be invoiced for the total of kilometers driven.

When and how will invoices be sent?

We always invoice you for our services at the end of the month by email. Please let us know should you require an invoice at an earlier time. The amount invoiced is due within 7 working days upon receipt of invoice.


When will my shipment reach its destination?

Within Germany, intertrex guarantees delivery on the following working day. While deliveries to most major cities within the EU can be made on the next working day as well, there may be longer transit times for other international destinations. Please contact us for transit times for your preferred destination.

What pickup times are possible for overnight-shipments?

We can arrange pickups as follows: Within Berlin-Mitte international shipments have to be ready for pickup by 5 p.m. at the very latest, national shipments by 7 p.m. Please enquire about the possibility of later pickups. Outside major cities, it’s safe to say: the bigger the city of destination, the later a pickup (and/or delivery) may be arranged. Please contact us for details.

What waybill / document shall I use?

The shipper (you) will have to issue the waybill. There are three options for you. Option 1: We will provide you with waybills that have your contact details filled in already. You just need to fill in the receiver (by hand) and call/email us for the pickup. Option 2: Use our Online-Waybill. That allows you to book the pickup at your preferred time as well. Option 3: Should you have more complex transports that require some more preparation in advance, we’ll be happy to issue all relevant documents for you.

Do I have to label every part or piece of my shipment?

Generally, it is sufficient to label each part or piece of your shipment with your company’s name and/or the name of the receiver. However, should you plan to leave your shipment at a hotel or event venue for later pickup, it is extremely important to have each and every piece of your shipment labelled accordingly.

What does „priority“ mean and when can I use that?

Priority service is our „Express light“ shipping service which means your shipment is guaranteed to be delivered within the next working day. To use our priority service, your shipment may only be one piece (weighing less than 30 kg) and must be sent from Berlin. The only additional service option you can add to a priority service is an additional insurance.

Which early delivery options are available?

Early delivery is a service option you can book with any express-shipment, for both national and international shipments. The earliest time of delivery guaranteed depends on the destination. Within Germany, deliveries can made by 9 a.m. in almost all major cities, sometimes even by 8 a.m. Please contanct us for the earliest time of delivery at your preferred destination.

What do I have to know about Saturday deliveries?

A Saturday delivery is a service option you can book with any express-shipment, for both national and international shipments. A Saturday delivery is typically made in the morning. To guarantee a delivery as requested, you will have to provide us with the name of the person to receive delivery and his or her mobile phone number.

How do same-day deliveries („Blitz service“ / prompt courier) work?

Your same-day shipment within Germany will either be transported directly by car or by train (IC-Courier). Prices may differ considerably from overnight-transports. Do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about the best solution for your shipment. Please note that we do not do short-notice, same-day transports within one city. Please contact a same-day city courier for such transports.

What do I have to know about trade fair deliveries?

intertrex delivers to any fairground within Germany, directly to your fair stand. To guarantee a delivery as requested, you must provide us with the following information: 1. exact address & name of the fair 2. hall and number of fair stand 3. contact person with a mobile phone number 4. time frame for delivery. Upon your request, we can also just drop off your shipment at your stand.

What’s an additional insurance?

intertrex can be held liable for loss of or damage to shipments up to 500 euro. Should your shipment exceed that value you might take out an additional insurance. Please note that any insurance will only cover the value of materials shipped. Non-pecuniary, immaterial or sentimental values are not covered. Thus contents of a data storage device or unique documents can only be insured for the value of the medium on which they are stored, for example. The premium depends on the amount insured and is 0.5% of the amount insured for Germany and 1% for international shipments.

What is a time-definite pickup or delivery?

A time-definite pickup or delivery is one with a time-frame of less than an hour ( < 60 minutes) and less than two hours ( < 120 minutes) at trade fairs. Surcharges apply.

Does intertrex also drop off shipments, for instance in a mailbox?

We basically deliver personally and require a signature as proof of receipt of shipment. Should you allow for or request a drop-off of your letter in the receiver’s mailbox, we will of course do that (within Germany only). Please mark the „mailbox“ option on the waybill (available on paper and online).

What is the volume weight?

Shipments being of little weight but taking up a lot of space (a large pillow for instance) will be priced based on their volume weight. Using our price calculator, you can find out about the volume weight of your shipment. Just enter the measurements (length x width x depth / 5000) and your shipment will be priced according to the higher weight (either volume weight or gross weight).

International Shipment

What do I have to know about shipping internationally?

International shipments have to be ready for same-day export by 5 p.m. at the very latest (national shipments by 7 p.m.). Within the EU there are no formalities regarding customs and no duties. However, you must inform us should your shipment contain lithium ion accumulators. Any shipment to a third country will have to be cleared at customs. While (paper) documents won’t usually experience any problems or delays, any other shipment (containing goods) may turn out to be anything from unproblematic to highly problematic depending on its content and destination. Therefore, you have to inform us about its contents in detail. In case of a sale of goods you must either provide a commercial invoice or a proforma invoice. We can support you in writing a proforma invoice (sample, trade faird, returned shipment etc.)

What’s the difference between international business- and express shipping?

Briefly put, express shipping (by air) guarantees the fastest deliveries though being quite costly. Business shipping (by land) is a little slower but less cost-intensive, especially with large shipments. Business shipments are offered within the EU and Switzerland. You are welcome to use our online price-calculator to find out about the best shipping option. Please call us for transit times.

Why do some countries have „from – to“ ranges of transit times?

intertrex express-shipping guarantees the fastest possible delivery to each and every country in the world. However, transit times may vary within a country depending on the destination. In Spain, for instance, delivery in Madrid can be arranged for the next working day while a delivery to village out in the Pyrenees may take two working days. Please contact us with the postal code of the receiver for a guaranteed delivery day and time.

When will shipments have cleared customs?

There are custom clearance procedures for any shipment leaving the EU. The one exception are shipments containing nothing but documents. Should the value of your shipment exceed 1000 € (or 3000 €), Germany requires you to file an export declaration. Please contact us for any support you may need with this.


What information is needed about the shipper?

It’s essential to provide the 6-digit customer account number you have with intertrex as well as the pickup address, if possible with a contact person and a phone number. This is particularly important, should you wish to order a pickup at another address than you own.

What information is needed about the receiver?

We need precise information about the address to be delivered to, including name of the street (no post boxes). Naming contact person and a phone number will help in case there are any questions or problems at the place of delivery (blocked roads or missing names at the door).

What does „reference“ mean?

Here you can provide us with an internal number / cost center you might like us to use in our invoice. You are welcome to leave this square blank as it bears no relevance to the actual transport.

Why can’t I choose priority service in the Online-Waybill?

There may be two reasons for this as either the number of pieces of your shipment is higher than 1 or the weight exceeds 30 kg. In both cases you can only choose express service. Please note that priority service can’t be combined with other service options, such as Early- or Saturday deliveries.

Do I have to provide the exact weight of my shipment?

No, you don’t have to do that as an estimate of the weight is fine. We just need to have some idea about the weight of your shipment to plan for a proper pickup van. All shipments will be measured and weighed at our depot.

Do I have to provide the exact measurements of my shipment?

No, you don’t have to do that as an estimate of the measurements is fine. We just need to have some idea about the measurements of your shipment to plan for a proper pickup van. All shipments will be measured and weighed at our depot. Please note that your shipment may only consist of one piece for our priority serivce!

When and what for does a shipment need the customs value?

The customs value is only needed for shipments leaving the EU. Should the value of the shipment exceed 1000 euro, we have to declare it at customs. Should you sell goods abroad, you must provide a commercial invoice.

Sending the online order form returns the error message „only numbers allowed“.

Please enter the weight using a point instead of a comma.

What can I do if I have already sent the Online-Waybill but need to change some of the information?

Should there be a change to the pickup and/or delivery times, please inform us by phone or email about that. If the change concerns information about the receiver only, please indicate it by hand on the print-out of the Online-Waybill. We always forward shipments based on the waybill our couriers receive when the pick up your shipments.

What do I do if I can’t enter my preferred pickup time in the Online-Waybill?

Any time entered in our Online-Waybill later than 5 p.m. will be changed to the earliest time on the next working day. This happens because 5 p.m. is too late for international shipments. National shipments may still be picked up within Berlin Mitte. Please give us a call. Ordering shipments via our Online-Waybill form is not possible at weekends or on holidays.

How can I order an import or return shipment?

When using our Online-Waybill, fill in the sender (third party) and receiver (you and your address) and provide your intertrex customer number. Of course you’re welcome to contact us by phone or email (providing all relevant information) to arrange for such shipment as well.


How can I calcualte the cost of a transport?

That’s really easy: You can use our online price-calculator. Enter the measurements and the weight of your shipments (the more precise your information the more accurate is the result) and then choose the destination and the preferred shipment options. Please note that you’ll be shown only those shipments options that are available for your destination. You are also welcome to enquire the price of your shipment by phone, of course.

What does „surcharge of 15 € may apply“ in the calculation of the price mean?

Should your shipment to a third country contain more than just documents, it may have to be cleared by customs. We will gladly take care of this for you but will charge 15 euros for our serivce.

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