Express shipping to Austria

Using intertrex you can ship letters and parcels to Austria reliably and at a low price.
Deliveries within Austria on the next working day.

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Overnight shipping to Austria

Austria and Germany do not only share a language and a culture but centuries of intertwined history. While Germany is Austria’s most important economic partner, accounting for about 30% of all exports, Austria is the seventh largest export market for German businesses. What’s more, with over 12 mio travellers, Austria’s among Germany’s favourite holiday destinations.

intertrex is part of a wide network of courier companies that provides direct and fast access to Austria. As the founders of intertrex were born in Austria, partnerships with many local logistics companies have evolved over the years. This makes transports to and within Austria just as flexible, fast and easy as within Germany – no matter if you’re sending to Vienna or to Zillertal in Tyrol.

Pickup today, Delivery tomorrow

Our express shipping service guarantees delivery to any place in Austria on the next working day, our business service within 2 working days. Same-day pickups and exports to Germany from many Austrian cities are no problems at all.
Special discounts for shipments to Austira may be available if these are bigger or sent on a regular basis. Please contact our team for more information.

Prices and Transit times

For your convenience, refer to this list of capitals and our guaranteed delivery times.

  Business Express Earlier Delivery until
Vienna 2 BD 1 BD 12 a.m.
Linz 2 BD 1 BD 10:30 a.m.
Graz 2 BD 1 BD
Innsbruck 2 BD 1 BD 12 a.m.
Salzburg 2 BD 1 BD 10:30 a.m.
Klagenfurt 2 BD 1 BD 12 a.m.
Bregenz 2 BD 1 BD 12 a.m.
St. Pölten 2 BD 1 BD 12 Uhr
Eisenstadt 2 BD 1 BD

Calculation based on (higher) gross or volume weight. Our prices are exclusive of VAT.

To calculate the price of your shipment please click here.

First-class Shipping to Austria is our speciality.

Optional Services
Delivery by 12:00 (noon)*
Overnight shipping with guaranteed delivery by 12:00 (noon).
20 €
Delivery by 10:30 a.m.*
Overnight shipping with guaranteed delivery by 10:30 a.m..
40 €
Delivery on Saturdays*
Optional delivery on Saturdays.
60 €
Pickup / import
For pickups in Austria and the ensuing shipping to Germany.
20 €
Fair and Exhibition Surcharge
For time-definite deliveries at your fair stand.
12 €

* Cannot be guaranteed at all locations. Our prices are exclusive of VAT.

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