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National and international event and fairground logistics.
Delivery at your fair stand.

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Trade Fair and Exhibition Logistics

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In contrast to the known exhibition carriers, trade fair transports can be booked on short notice, within Germany even one day prior to the fair opening. Thus, your time of positioning is lowered considerably. Even subsequent deliveries are not a problem.
The extent of your trade fair and exhibition commodities to be shipped can be almost limitless. We ship everything from a package of leaflets to an entire cartload and deliver directly to your fair stand.

Our experience on the most important fairgrounds ensures highest reliability of on-time deliveries and pickups of your time-critical shipments at any time, even after-hours, at weekends and during nighttime.
Each trade fair transport will be calculated according to your individual needs considering the destination as well as the weight and volume of your shipment.

intertrex guarantees delivery to you at your stand at any fairground or congress center in Germany. There is no exclusive right to stand building for logistics companies owned or operated by fair trade companies though this seems to be communicated as such at times. At international fairgrounds, delivery to your stand is no problem in most cases. However, sometimes – especially in the USA – the logistics of an event is given to one supplier exclusively that will then deliver to your stand. Even then you won’t have to worry about anything as intertrex is going to take care of any communication and coordination.

Exhibition Logistics includes

flexible pickups on short notice

time-definite delivery at fair stand

individual planning of transport operations

weekend-, after hour-, and night pickup and delivery

packaging material / storage space upon request

fair, weight-based price calculation


national international
Hannover: CeBIT, Hannovermesse Vienna: ECR, Ferien-Messe
Frankfurt: Buchmesse, Achema Basel: BASELWORLD, Art Basel
Düsseldorf: Medica, didacta Amsterdam: IBC, Integrated Systems
Munich: Expo Real, electronica Barcelona: World Mobile Congress
Cologne: Anuga, dmexco Chicago: AHR, Packexpo
etc. etc.

Example of our pricing

Each trade fair transport will be calculated according to your individual needs considering the destination as well as the weight and volume of your shipment and its time sensitivity.

1. Domestic

A shipment of 5 shipping cartons and a stand-up display to the Frankfurt Fairground. The shipment has to be at the fair stand on the last build-up day. Arranging the shipment one day prior is no problem for any transport within Germany. The gross weight of your shipment is 55kg.

Express Shipping (6 items, 55 kg) 86,00 €
Pickup within Germany 10,00 €
Tradefair-service (delivery directly to your fair stand) 12,00 €

2. Domestic

Pick up a large flat screen, a movable fair stand and 3 boxes containing event supplies directly at your stand at the Munich fairground – within a certain timeframe just after the close of the fair, so you can plan your return flight. Delivery is on the next day. The price will be calculated for a weight of 185 kg.

Express Shipping (7 items, 185 kg) 255,60 €
Pickup within Germany 10,00 €
Late pick up (6 – 8 p.m.) 10,00 €
Tradefair-service (pick up directly at your fair stand) 12,00 €

3. International

A designer ships 2 oversize shipping cartons containing dresses from Berlin Fashion Week to the next fair in Paris. A pickup is arranged for Friday directly at the designer’s fair stand in Berlin upon close of the fair. Delivery to Paris fair stand is the following Monday.

Express Shipping (2 items, 60 kg volume weight) 432,00 €
Late pick up (international) 20,00 €
Tradefair-service (pick at fair stand) 12,00 €

There are no hidden fees such as fuel surcharges, for instance. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

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