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About Us

intertrex is one of the leading overnight couriers in Berlin and has specialized in national and international express shipping services as well as trade fair logistics.

The company is located at Königstadt-Terrassen in Berlin-Mitte which is a very central and hence quite an unusual location for a courier company. This way intertrex can guarantee to have its couriers at your doorstep in no time. intertrex has come to be a valuable, trusted and much relied on logistics partner especially with associations, law firms, consultancies and advertizing agencies.

Founded in 2005 by Austrian-born Georg Raudaschl, intertrex has been a private limited company (Ltd.) since 2009. Sales exlusively generated in the B2B sector exceeded € 1,1 million in 2017.

The CEO of intertrex, Georg Raudaschl, on its mission:
„Prior to founding intertrex, I used to work in the upscale hotel market where a customer’s every wish was top priority and customer orientation the basis of all operations. In those days I knew courier services only from the point of view of the – little cherished and oftentimes dissatisfied – customer. Founding intertrex I was determined to change that and to offer the exact same first-class-service in the courier market I was used to give to customers in the hotel business. My team and I live and breathe that claim every day.“

Being an owner-operated company, intertrex has rejected from its start the common place practice of poor pay, long working hours and the use of contractors that is so characteristic of the logistics sector. Instead, intertrex relies on mostly full-time employees enjoying regular working hours and salaries above the general pay scale.
Sustainability is essential to intertrex. Running a fleet of fuel-efficient and modern vehicles is as natural as using renewable energy for all our operations. Catering at intertrex has always relied on locally grown organic as well as fair trade produce.
These are only a few of the many reasons why Deutsche Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband has made intertrex GmbH its long-term partner in a framework agreement.

Basis of our entrepreneurial activity

Reliability, responsibility, fairness and sustainability are the cornerstones of any decision by the management of intertrex GmbH.

By that we mean working in a mutually respectful way with partners and suppliers, treating our employees fairly as well as striving for a maximum of environmental sustainability.
intertex has built a strong network of national and international partnerships with other logistics companies, the majority of which lasting since the foundation of intertrex.
intertrex is proud of its permanent staff that enjoys salaries above general pay-scale and regular work hours, in short, benefits rarely seen elsewhere in this sector. This is surely one of the reasons for the “Deutsche Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband e.V.” to make intertrex its preferred partner in a framework agreement.
intertrex always seeks opportunities to reduce its carbon footprint making a reduction of energy consumption its main objective. Therefore the fleet of courier cars is kept modern and efficient and pick-up and delivery routes are planned carefully and efficiently.

Did you know that intertrex…

uniforms are “Made in Germany”? Sweaters and t-shirts are produced and supplied by Trigema in Baden-Württemberg

has reduced its CO2 emissions by 13.000 kg (compared to the average energy mix of Germany) thanks to relying on energy supplied by Naturstrom (100% renewables)?

provides staff with organically produced fair trade coffee and milk from the Berlin-Brandenburg area?

donates about 2,000 € p.a. to charities, such as “Reporters without borders”, “Amnesty International” or “Die Arche e.V.” having its staff decide on the beneficiaries democratically at the end of each year?

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